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Mexico is a very large country, the 14th largest in the world, with very diverse geography. It is a country of highlands, lowlands, volcanoes and sandy beaches. Mexico is home to the deepest canyon in North America, Copper Canyon located within the state of Chihuahua (Mexico’s largest).

The Rio Bravo, its longest river, covers almost 60% of the Mexico/US border.

To give you an idea of its size, it is bordered by Guatemala and Belize to the south and the US to the north.

Mexico is made up of 31 states divided into 8 different regions. The Mexico travel regions are as follows; the Yucatan Peninsula, Pacific Coast, Baja California, Northwestern Mexico, Northeastern Mexico, Mexico City and the Federal District of Mexico, Central Mexico and Southern Mexico. All together these Mexico vacation travel regions attract more than 20 million tourists every year.

Regiuni din Mexic

Baja California Peninsula Ensenada-at-night

Baja California Peninsula

Peninsula din vestul tarii, care se invecineaza cu statul nord american California.De?i o mare parte a...